Commercial Refrigeration Checks

Early detection can be the difference between $100’s & $1000’s

It’s going to be scorching hot on the South East, be prepared & perform basic Commercial Refrigeration visual checks on your equipment. With this heat & humidity it can dramatically effect your Commercial Refrigeration Systems. Here are a few simple checks to help your system to run at optimum efficiency.

Commercial Refrigeration Checks:
• Make sure the inlets are not covered or blocked – allowing plenty of ventilation.
• Check the internal refrigeration vents to ensure they are clear & product or stock is not obstructing inlets.
• Look over external Vents & Condensers, Check for dirt, grime, dust or oil. This causes restricted air flow which can have damaging effects on your systems.
• Don’t over stock the fridge or cool room; this can cause the equipment to operate harder to reach required temperature’s adding additional stress on componentry and may cause long term effects.
• Check for odours – this is a good indicator that there may be debris built up in or around the system and may require an internal or external clean
• Unusual noises or the system is louder than usual? This could mean loose parts or worse, the system is failing.
• Check valves, pipes & coils if there are dents or thick layers of Ice building up a Regular visual Internal Temperature check should be recorded.
• If the system is not operating at a consistent temperature or is High Temping, many reasons could be a possible system failure or a refrigerant leak on the system. Fixing Refrigerant leaks early, can be the difference in $100’s of dollars. Early detection will aid in the leak being repaired and preventing the loss of refrigerant and less refrigerant being required to be added. The longer the leak is present, the more refrigerant will be required to be added back in.

Prevention is better than the cure, with regular Commercial Refrigeration checks

it will save your cash-flow and pay for itself.


Plan for preventative maintenance
1) Performance and safety of Equipment Preventive maintenance (PM) is a major factor in facilities management, with the successful goal being to develop and implement consistent practices to improve performance and safety of equipment.
2) Prevent Failures the main goal behind PM is for the equipment to make it from one planned service to the next planned service without any failures caused by fatigue, neglect, or normal wear.
3) Preserve or restore components before failure They are designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail.
4) Budgeting-recording equipment deterioration, so budgets can be implemented if replacement or repairs need money spent before they a cause system failure.

A quick call to South Coast Refrigeration & Air on Tel:07 5580 0196 and a simple service call out, with early detection it could be the difference between $100’s & $1000’s of damage to a compressor or evaporator and avoiding the system to run at high head and/or low pressures and low on refrigerant. The team at South Coast Refrigeration & Air, care for our clients. We want to ensure your equipment is running efficiently over summer.

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Save Money with Preventive Maintenance Plans – Commercial Refrigeration