Commercial Refrigeration Repairs and Servicing

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Dealing with equipment failure or an inefficient commercial refrigeration system, is something businesses can do without. These issues can lead to interuptions in trade, stock wastage, and customer disatisfaction, which ultimatly affects your bottom line.

We understand that real-time problems require real-time solutions that is why the team at Southcoast Refrigeration offer 24/7 Commercial Refrigeration repairs. We deliver efficient, timely service and repairs for commercial refrigeratoin failure and breakdown for all Gold Coast Businesses – and at a competitive price!

When you call Southcoast Refrigeration you have the satisfaction of knowing you are working with a superior Commercial Refrigeration repair company with decades of experience. Our fully qualified Gold Coast technicians are well equipped. Their service vehicles are stocked and at the ready for 24/7 Commercial Refrigeration failure repairs & servicing.

Commercial refrigeration tools for service and maintenance

Commercial Refrigeration Failure  -Prevention is better than a Cure

Often the reason for system failure can be attributed to lack of regular service or maintenance on your Commercial Refrigeration equipment. Breakdowns can be expensive, but worse still, is the possible effect on your business.  This can usually be avoided with a  simple service. When you book with Southcoast Refrigeration, we carry out a Robust Health Service to safe guard your Commercial Refrigerator.

Commercial Refrigeration Service Check:

  • Cleaning of Condenser Coil/s (Brush or Nitrogen)
  • Cleaning of Evaporator Coil/s (Brush or Nitrogen)
  • Cleaning of Condensate Drain/s (Water Hose or Nitrogen)
  • Check Low and High Pressure safety Control/s when present
  • Check Refrigerant level/s on system/s
  • Check Moisture indicator
  • Check Oil sight glass if present
  • Check operation pressures of system/s
  • Check air on and air off temperature the evaporator (Super Heat)
  • Check fan motor/s
  • Cleaning all Mechanical Components
  • Tightening of all Electrical Connections
  • Checking of all Door Seals
  • Adjusting all sliding & self-closing doors for correct operation
  • Monitoring Condition of system/s

If you run a company where a commercial refrigerator is crucial to your business, you should hire the best HVAC+R technicians with years of experience and who work for a company that has been in the industry for decades – Southcoast Refrigeration

  • We take the time to clean and remove dust and debris – as this can attribute to your compressor or evaporator system over heating.
  • We also check the systems levels to ensure your system isn’t low on refrigerant due to a leak. This can lead a Commercial Refrigeration failure.

To offer the best value for money service, we work closely with our technicians to provide the necessary checks list to help prolong your equipment and have it running at its optimum efficiency.

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