Commercial Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance

When you get your vehicle serviced regularly, it helps maintain its economy and performance. Ergo, having a preventative maintenance check on your Commercial Refrigeration equipment, is your best defense against unexpected, expensive and unwelcome equipment breakdowns or failure.

In an article published in Cool Change – Arctick issue-45 they advise:

Not only does leaking equipment directly emit environmentally harmful gasses to the atmosphere, equipment runs less efficiently.  This causes indirect emissions through greater electricity use. For the equipment owner, this lowered efficiency and loss of refrigerant can have a financial impact on repairs and the life expectancy of the system, in addition to the cost of reducing the leaking refrigerant.

Failing to repair leaking equipment and topping up is illegal

It makes good business sense for business owners to maintain their refrigeration equipment.  A company in South Australia had an ongoing leak in a major piece of refrigeration equipment and this resulted in the facility having to close its doors while the system was replaced. This lead to a lose in trade and income for several months. The cost to the business was far greater than if they had appropriately maintained the equipment from day one.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Program

With a regular maintenance you can save money, time and stress. Wise business managers recognise that investment in effective Commercial Refrigeration preventative maintenance is never wasted, but returned many times over in reduced breakdown costs, reduced downtime, less product wastage, enhanced customer goodwill and in some cases can assist in avoiding a complete replacement or an expensive over haul.

At Southcoast Refrigeration we pride ourselves on being able to tailor a maintenance plan to suit your specific needs. As a contract client we guarantee our priority on service and our technicians will become familiar with your business. This enables us to provide you with the best commercial refrigeration services available.

When we understand the of your specific business needs and that of your equipment (refrigerant type, past history of the equipment, location of systems / condensers), we save you time and money. Allow us to provide you with the best commercial refrigeration service on the Gold Coast.

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Case study: Reference sourced from Australian Government Department of Environment: Newsletter for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry