Warning Signs – What to Look Out For!

Without looking out for warning signs and without the correct support and care, your Commercial Refrigeration equipment is prone to breakdowns. The flow on effect can be enormous on production, sales, produce wastage, safety, wages and resulting in bad customer experience. All of this has a negative impact on your business. However all of this can be prevented all together.

Here are a few things to look out for to help avoid Major down time!

One of the most common signs to look for on your commercial refrigeration system is a build-up of frost or ice. This is a easy sign to spot if the frost is on the pipes there is normally a problem with refrigerant flow which helps regulate temperature of your system. If the frost builds up near the door, it is usually a sign that warm air is able to get through a gap due to the door gasket been damaged causing the door not to seal correctly. Not only can this added pressure to your system to try to battle to meet the right temperature it also increase your energy bill. I would recommend call the experts – South Coast Refrigeration & Air – tel:07 5580 0196

Commercial refrigeration systems run on built-in motors, and if you hear strange sounds there could be a problem with the evaporator fans, not enough air flow causing the system to overheat, a faulty motor or the system could be experiencing a mechanical error. The best way to resolve this is to the trained professionals before it has a follow on affect causing further and more expensive damage to compressor, condensers & evaporators.

It is important to take note of the temperatures of your systems at the same time each day, this way you can easily identify if it is due to operation during peak times or if the doors are not sealing correctly. This can also assist to pick up signs of a malfunctioned sensor or control (the device reads & sets the temperature in your fridge). If the temperature start to raise it could mean there is a refrigerant leak which will need repairing urgently.

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