Now’s the time to switch your Air Conditioner to HEATING mode if you haven’t already.

With the Cooler Temperatures headed up from the South, The nights are getting COLD and the morning’s even COLDER. Let South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD help you keep things HEATED this winter!

Did you know it can actually be CHEAPER to run your Air Conditioning unit versus using other heating methods? If your Air Conditioner is functioning normally with the air conditioner set to 18oC it should only take about 20 minutes to heat the room to the desired temperature.

The Team at South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD would hate to see you left out in the cold, that’s why we have some helpful tips to keep you WARM this winter.


❄Focus your heating in commonly used rooms like your lounge room and trap in warm air by closing windows, doors and blinds in the early evening.

❄Set your Air Conditioner to 18 – 20 degrees in heating mode, you can tell by looking for the Sunshine Symbol on the top of your remote. Running your Air Con at the optimum Temperatures will help to ensure it is running efficiently and not over working your power bill.

❄Prevent heat loss by using a door snakes and weather-strips to block any gaps where heat can escape.

❄ Make sure your Air Conditioner’s internal Filters, Fan Barrels and outside Condensing unit is cleared of any debris, dirt, mould, mildew or bugs. If the Air Flow is restricted your Air conditioning unit will have to work extra hard and the cost to run your unit will be higher.

At South Coast Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning QLD “We keep you Up and Running, Experience the Power of real service!” ask us how we can help you reduce your energy cost today!

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