Don’t Let The Cool Air Escape Your Cold Room or Freezer

Working in the fast paced hospitality or manufacturing industry there is regularly high foot traffic through your cold room or freezer. Staff will enter and exit multiple times a day, often leaving the door open for extended periods of time. Without strip curtains, the cool air escapes and hot air enters – raising the humidity & moisture in the room. It also increases the pressure on your refrigeration equipment as it tries to maintain its optimal temperature.

This can lead to a variety of potential risks such as food spoilage, a decrease in visibility with fog in the air, an increase in ice build up and water pooling on the floor, creating harmful safety hazards.

Cold Room with No Strip Curtains Has Water Pooling on the Floor and Fog

But there is simple fix which is low maintenance, reliable, cost effective and helps lock in the cool.

Strip Curtains!

Don’t let the cool air escape your cold room or freezer by simply adding Strip Curtains! One of the most effective & inexpensive ways to:

  • Reduce product spoilage
  • Reduce hazardous risks of water pooling and visibility issues.
  • Better temperature control
  • Decreases energy loss
  • Reduces the risk of frost build-up on coils
  • Reduces the pressure on your commercial refrigeration systems.

Strip curtains are designed to assist in sealing your commercial refrigeration system from insects and pest, reducing the loss of cool air and providing protection from dust and debris.

Freezer Grade Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are ideal for Commercial Kitchens, Butchers, Supermarkets, Food Processing and Distribution Centers, and Cold Storage. Used as a hygienic seal for small cold rooms to the largest industrial warehousing facilities. We have the solution for you as each Strip Curtain can be manufactured to suit your specific application. Contact us for all your Commercial Refrigeration needs.

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