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‘Prevention is better than the cure’

We all know and understand that temperature fluctuations and incorrect temperature settings can have serious consequences not only on the business, but most importantly the end consumer who may fall ill because of the temperature issue.

‘Prevention is better than the cure’

Regular monitoring and maintenance of refrigeration equipment can make a world of difference. By preventing major problems from occurring, or, stopping problems before they become your next headache, is something we specialise in here at South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Queensland.

To help you monitor the health of your commercial refrigeration, record measurements daily (click here to download our temperature monitoring chart), and if you notice any patterns of temperature fluctuation contact our team for immediate advice – acting quickly is paramount!

At South Coast Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we understand your industry and understand the implications poor refrigeration has on the consumer and your business.

This is why we offer a 24/7 emergency service to all clients, and why our regular refrigeration maintenance and check-up service is so popular. We are Refrigerated Storage Facilities Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance specialists.

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Don’t just let any company look after your precious Refrigeration equipment. Work with only the best in the business – South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD.

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At Southcoast Refrigeration our team is dedicated to keeping your commercial refrigeration equipment operating efficiently day after day. We have the knowledge, skills and care to give you and your Gold Coast Business, the best possible service and support. Contact us today!

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Southcoast Refrigeration are the Commercial Refrigeration Specialists. We provide commercial refrigeration installation, planned maintenance, service and repairs throughout the Gold Coast. We are proud to say we have many long-standing clients from a variety of industries where Commercial Refrigeration plays a key roll. From restaurants, bars and clubs to commercial cold rooms and freezers to bottle shops and butchers.

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