Make your Venue the reason for Celebration!

With South Coast Refrigeration & Air

As the buzz of summer is all around, make your venue the reason for celebration! One of the real joys of living on the Gold Coast is experiencing the atmosphere of your favourite local eatery. Sharing the fun times with loved ones or friends as their chatter over the menu, will they select their favourite or are they feeling adventuress? With the careful consideration and effort put into your specially designed menu that best represents your business either way you know they are in for a treat!

There are a number of reasons people return to your venue but you can’t deny they are really there for the freshness & quality of your food. To make your venue the reason for Celebration! Cater to your customers’ needs, with the team prepped and ready, your Commercial Refrigeration equipment is stocked and running at full capacity. BEWARE! High ambient temperatures, constant opening and closing of doors during peak times, your Commercial Refrigeration will increase its need for air through the Condensing unit and evaporator coils. HOWEVER if they are covered in dust, grime, oils, exhaust fumes, or Build-Up of debris, the Air Flow is restricted. This will increase the pressure on the refrigeration system and increase the temperature or worst cause system failure Eeeck!

With South Coast Refrigeration & Air on call and ready to safe guard your Commercial Refrigeration systems you can make your venue the reason for Celebration! Call South Coast Refrigeration & Air to reinforce service quality & relieve possible downtime that NO-ONE can afford or needs – Tel:07 5580 0196

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