Get Set for the Games – Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Health Check Service

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 is an exciting time & is expected to attract over 672,000 as well as 6,600 athletes to the beautiful city. Planning early is the best way to maximise your Games experience & ensure your business is ready for the GC2018 To prevent further disruption to your business during and with the lead up to the games, we propose to booking a “Health Check” on the Commercial Refrigeration equipment.

A SCR/Games Health Check provides the following checks on the conditions of the following:

  • Condenser Coils
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condensate Drains and hoses
  • Observe Temperatures of systems and record
  • Check sight glasses for liquid levels and signs of any moisture (where required)
  • Check the condition of the Evaporator & condenser Fan Motors
  • Check to see if there is any oil or grime present ( will clean if sighted)
  • General monitoring of the system / cabinet condition and reporting accordingly.

This is not for the purpose of conducting a “maintenance or service” performance, this is an opportunity to have the best as can be expected outcome for a hassle free event with optimal performance of your Refrigeration Equipment, without an expensive and distressing incident that may have been avoided by a SCR/Games Health Check.


  • A SCR Technician will perform the above checks
  • SCR will then report directly to you and advise the outcomes.
  • SCR will also advise and prioritise if any IMMEDIATE works should be carried out prior to road closures or limited access.
  • We will ensure that the managing staff are aware of what to have a basic check for, and are able to contact us by phone to assess the situation, prior to logging a breakdown call.

Rethink your schedule during the Games. The Gold Coast will be extremely busy during the Games, so rethink and pre-plan so you’re not caught out by the crowds. A breakdown of your Commercial Refrigeration equipment during the CG2018 can lead to an expensive break down, loss of stock or products & worst of all it could possibly have been avoided. Call South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD on Tel:07 5580 0196 for peace of mind & book a Health Check Service.