Peak Season – Fresh is best!

Have your customers coming back again and again.

As the sun continues to shine and people are out enjoying the fabulous days and evenings, put your best foot forward and have your customers coming back again and again. Fresh is best! There is no better experience than when you’re dining out and you can taste the freshness of your food. The crisp crunchy side salad or fresh taste of high quality food selected by yourself or your chef. The exceptional chill of iced or chilled beverages, with the time and effort put into a carefully designed menu that best represents your business.

Avoid Downtime that NO-ONE can afford or needs.

Your Commercial Refrigeration equipment will be running at full capacity to keep up with the high ambience and constant usage during peak times to keep food fresh or frozen and at the right temperature. Increased need for air through the Condensing unit and evaporator coils to increase the efficiency of your refrigeration.  HOWEVER if componentry is covered in Mould, Dust, grime, oils, exhaust fumes, or Build-Up of debris, the Air Flow is restricted. This will increase the pressure on the refrigeration system and increase the running costs or worst system failure.

Safe guard your Commercial Refrigeration the storage for all food and beverage items to ensure your customers freshness & satisfaction. Call South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD for a Value Clean and Service. Our Clean and Service will provide comfort and peace of mind heading into the hectic times ahead, to avoid Downtime that NO-ONE can afford or need. So you and your team only need to focus on delivering Supreme Service to your valued customers. Fresh is best!