Decreasing your power cost &

Increasing your Commercial Refrigeration energy efficiency.

With the cost of electricity rising and putting added strain on business budget’s, ultimately reducing profit intake. This is why it’s so important than ever before to examine ways of decreasing the power cost and increasing your Commercial Refrigeration equipment’s energy efficiency. South Coast Refrigeration and Air recently conducted a study during a regular maintenance programme, with an anemometer reader which measures air velocity & temperature. We were very pleased with the results.

During this routine maintenance, we performed the test to show how valuable a Customised Preventative Maintenance programme designed especially for your equipment’s performance will provide energy efficiency and ultimately power / energy costs.  South Coast Refrigeration & Air are focusing on decreasing your power cost & increasing your Commercial Refrigeration lifespan. A part of our routine maintenance program’s are the cleaning of all Return and Supply Air Filters, Evaporators, Condensing unit’s which are critical to the system’s capacity and air flow. The below results show the outcomes:

The photos show the airflow in cubic feet per minute, the dirty & blocked filter was pulling 440CFM of air flow, forcing the system to work harder to get the necessary air into the system as required. Once the filter was cleaned the meter shows the air flow at 719CFM reducing the need for energy consumption. This is an increase in energy efficiency with over 37% in air flow to the system, just by having a maintenance and clean on the system. Call South Coast Refrigeration & Air to see how we can help in increasing your commercial refrigeration energy efficiency with a Customised Preventative Maintenance programme designed especially for your specific equipment and requirements.

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