Refrigeration for Butchers

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Repairs

Commercial Refrigeration for Butchers

Repairs and Maintenance

As a Butcher, to help stay profitable and keep your business running, it is important that your commercial refrigeration is kept in its optimal state.  Defective and poorly maintained refrigeration equipment in a butcher shop can result in serious food contamination risks. Maintaining your commercial refrigeration systems also helps your butchery comply with food safety requirements.

By keeping these high-risk foods under 5 degrees Celsius it stops them from entering the ‘danger-zone’ – temperatures between 5 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. The danger-zone is the temperature zone which provides bacteria with the perfect environment to rapidly grow and multiply to numbers that cause food poisoning.

Australian Food Safety Institute

Australia Food Safety Institute

Commercial Refrigeration – Keeps Cold Food Cold

For Butchers, your commercial refrigeration should be kept below 5°C. At these temperatures, food poisoning bacteria stops growing or grows slowly. Use a fridge thermometer to check that the temperature stays around 4 to 5°C.

Frozen foods should ideally be kept at -18° C, and when thawing, it should be stored in a refrigerator that reaches no more than 5° C until it is ready to be prepared. To be safe, record measurements daily, and if you notice any patterns of temperature fluctuation contact our team for immediate advice – acting quick can be the difference between food contamination and food safety, plus the headache of having to throw out good food due to a faulty commercial refrigerator!

Ensure everyone on your team is well aware of these temperature and measurement requirements and contact Southcoast Refrigeration if you have any questions at all.

At South Coast Refrigeration we understand your industry and understand the implications poor refrigeration has on the consumer and your business.

This is why we offer a 24/7 emergency service to all clients, and why our regular refrigeration maintenance and check-up service is so popular.

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