Beat the Heat, Tips on how to stay cool with the Air Conditioning Specialist

We all love summer days – Let’s face it that’s why we chose to live in our own little slice of paradise! As it starts to heat up so will your demand for your Air Conditioning Unit, if your Air conditioning Unit is in good health it should only take 20 minutes to cool the room to the desired

Here are some great tips from the Air Conditioning Specialist to help you save some extra coin & Beat the Heat.

Tips on how to stay cool:

  • Shut all Doors, Windows and pull blind closed.
  • Ensure your outdoor unit is clear and that is nothing surrounding it.
  • Set your AC to 24 degrees (Setting your AC @18 degrees won’t get you cooler any faster- It will cost you more money) Every one degree cooler in summer adds around 10% to the amount of electricity
  • Once the room is at a nice temperature alternate your A/C to Dry mode this will help circulate the cool air without making you feel like your living in Antarctica.
  • Use fans to circulate cool air- they’ll help you’re A/C to distribute cool air to where it’s needed. Remember, fans cool people, not rooms, so turn them off if nobody’s there.
  • Turn your aircon off when you’re out and wait until you’re back to turn it on again.
  • Maintain & Service your Air Conditioning unit at least once a year.

These great tips will help you reach optimum temperature in your desired space, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed. For more information on how South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD can help you get the most out of your AC call us today Tel:07 5580 0196 or follow our Facebook page for free information