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Great News Lennox & South Coast Refrigeration & Air are teaming up to offer a run out sale whilst stock last! Get in quick for a free Air Conditioning quote and grab yourself a quality cooling & heating system at a bargain price. Lennox is proud of their range of the air conditioning systems they are willing to back their systems with a FREE 5 Year warranty on all domestic installations. Lennox offers a range of reverse cycle hi-wall split air conditioners, window units and ducted systems with varying capacities to provide year round efficient climate control. Lennox systems are built to the highest standards to deliver years of reliable and accurate temperature control. At Lennox they understand indoor noise is critical, so they designed their air conditioners to operate quietly, so the only thing you’ll notice is how comfortable you feel.

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At South Coast Refrigeration & Air we are proud to be a Lennox dealer; this allows us to offer you the best price point without skimping on quality. We use our knowledge, experience & years in the industry to work direct with the supplier and providers to supply a Free 5 Year warranty on all domestic installations. If you’re looking at purchasing a New Air Conditioning system or replacing your system you can’t go past a Lennox! Purchasing your Lennox Air Conditioning system through South Coast Refrigeration & Air could prove to be more cost effective, energy efficient choice & change in the right direction. With such rapid improvements to technology over the last 10 years, alternative refrigerants you can also reduce the impact on the environment.

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Did you know In 2015, the Lennox brand celebrated 120 years. While Lennox products have been distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years, globally the Lennox brand has a strong history built on a legacy of innovation that carries on even today. It started with that very first riveted-steel furnace in 1895.The founder Dave Lennox had an inventive personality and passion for quality craftsmanship. That spirit of innovation has been alive in Lennox since he earned the first steel furnace patent and went to work improving it. Over the years, there were many efforts that showed not only a willingness to blaze new creative trails, but also a commitment to do the right thing. Lennox offers a range of reverse cycle hi-wall split air conditioners, window units and ducted systems with varying capacities to provide year round efficient climate control.

Air Conditioning Systems on sale!

Hi-Wall DC Inverter Splits

Lennox DC Inverter Hi-Wall Split Systems incorporate the latest technology for greater energy efficiency.  Inverter air conditioners include a variable speed drive in the motor system that adjusts to match the air conditioning requirements.  This means it can run more efficiently than a conventional fixed speed air conditioner.

It features remote control operation and a digital display so it’s easy on the eye and budget, and provides year round climate control at the touch of a button.

 Ducted Inverter Split System

For complete home heating and cooling select a ducted split system.  The Lennox DC Inverter Ducted Split System gives you the ability to zone your home according to your personal heating and cooling requirements.  This means you can choose to heat or cool only the areas of your home that you will be using.

Energy efficient DC Inverter technology delivers superior temperature control.  A variable speed drive in the motor system adjusts to match your air conditioning requirements.  When you select your desired temperature, your Lennox ducted system will work at 100% capacity to deliver you comfort quickly.  However, instead of switching off and on to maintain temperature, the variable speed drive activates and constantly varies the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuations.

The result is that you’ll enjoy consistent temperature as well as significant savings and reduced running costs.

Window Room Air Conditioners

A convenient and cost competitive alternative to wall mounted splits and heat pumps, the Lennox window room air conditioner is fast and easy to install in window and wall areas. Your bedroom, lounge room, study or home office will feel cool in summer and cosy in winter, without heating up your energy bills.

The Lennox window room air conditioner is also ideal for small commercial venues like retail shops, small offices, on-site work sheds and school office buildings, where ducted air conditioning or split systems are not practical or where there is an existing window unit.