Air Conditioning – Care Plan

Regular maintenance will keep your system running well over its life-cycle and maintaining your system each year will also maintain your comfort for years to come. Our team of Trade Qualified and Licenced Technicians during the maintenance will carry out the above listed checks and cleans so that the particles do not pollute your indoor air. The Unit will also be checked for damaged or worn parts and we will inform you of any repairs that maybe required prior to commencing any further works. A full detailed report on the Maintenance/Care Plan will be forwarded for your Warranty and Maintenance Records to avoid any unforeseen situations that may void the warranty by the Manufacturers (if they attribute the problem to lack of maintenance).To Schedule your Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance check please call our office on 07 5580 0196.

Care Plan

  • To ensure that your Air Conditioning unit is providing excellent “Air Quality” reducing illness and respiratory problems;
  • To ensure your Air Conditioning systems longevity and increase the life span;
  • To ensure your Air Conditioning system is energy efficient, in turn decreasing energy consumption;
  • To ensure your Air Conditioning system performance and revitalise and refresh the system capacity;
  • To ensure the overall cleanliness and appearance of the systems;
  • To ensure that any potential problems can be picked up before creating costly damages;

Maintenance of your Air Conditioning System”

  • Check refrigerant gas pressures and operating temperatures;
  • Check reversing valve operation (in heating and cooling modes);
  • Check fan rotation, mountings and bolts;
  • Clean large debris from outdoor coil;
  • Clean and flush drains from build-up and blockages;
  • Clean and check all electrical systems and PC boards to ensure safe operations.

As part of your Care Plan it is recommended your Air Conditioning Unit is serviced every 6 -12 months minimum. To Schedule your Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance check contact our office on 07 5580 0196 Or Drop us an email & one of our friendly team will contact you to arrange a suitable time Email:[email protected]