AC Value Clean

 Will help keep you Jolly all Season long!

We all love to celebrate this time of year, weather you’re running around catching up with family and friends or having people stopping by your place. This time of year can get a little stressful whilst checking your list & checking it twice. Don’t forget to add your Air Conditioning Service & Value Clean to the list to of TO DO’s, this way you can to stay jolly all season and remain cool as a cucumber.

A simple Value Clean to your Air conditioning unit can be the difference between staying Cool and Comfortable in ambient temperatures or feeling Hot & Heated. No one likes to get stuck in a sweaty situation this summer. As part of the service by flushing away build up in your AC unit you will improve the Air quality, improve your energy efficiency and prolong the life span of your Air conditioning unit saving you in the long run.

What you can expect as part of a 1 Hour- Value Clean:

  • Inspection of Coils and Fans

  • Dust, Bug & Debris Removal

  • Filter Clean & Deodorising

  • Clean & Flush A/C Drainage systems

  • Unit Pressure assessment

  • Electrical Connection check Trade Qualified & ARCTIC Licensed Technicians

  • Final Analysis and Report

At South Coast we offer a 1 Hour Value Clean to give you the best value for money without cutting on the quality. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas by Calling South Coast Refrigeration & Air Conditioning QLD to get your Air Conditioning Unit Christmas ready.